Started recording a new song yesterday hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

I’ll bet that when Taylor Swift is making out she has a kind of weird darting tongue.  

That time I put on my “We Are All Beyonce” tee shirt and played “Holograms” live. 


I write slow jams in my sleep…literally.  I was in a hotel in Mexico, and I dreamt that I was in a recording studio and Annie Lennox was working on a song. She and her engineer were standing there listening to it and decided they wanted to turn it into a duet.  The engineer asked if I wanted to sing with her, and as soon as I accepted I woke up. I scrambled to write the song down before I forgot how it went.  And there ya have it.  ”Annie Lennox,” off my new EP.   

(Source: Spotify)

Go download my new EP LXLF for FREE at

Go download my new EP LXLF for FREE at

Check out my cover/re-work of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie!”  And make sure to watch it in HD bc otherwise YouTube makes it look super crappy : )

I recorded a New Jack Swing cover/re-work of Justin Timblerake’s “Suit & Tie.”  Check it out, DL it, and pass it along!  

"Holograms" from last night’s LA show at the Hotel Cafe.  Be sure to watch the guitar solo at the end : )