Jean-Claude Van Damme + Arnold Schwarzenegger + Bruce Willis + Friends + Dancing + HAIM’s “Falling” x Leonard Friend = Hooray!


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I wanna trend when I die, re-release my greatest hits.

Make my Hologram forever. 

Zoobilee Zoo.  That is all. 

LF Influence Day 5:

It was 2010. My band had just broken up after 8 years.  I had decided to move to across the country.  I was trying to recapture whatever had motivated me to want to make music in the first place, but felt generally lost.  And this song, “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins, basically saved me.  I listened to him sing the words “Take me home, ‘cause I don’t remember” more times than I can count during those months, and I still have the line right beneath my Twitter handle nearly 3 years later. 

"The first line in that song is ‘Yo butt is mine’…now I said ‘Who gon’ sing that to who? Cause you sure ain’t singin it to me, and I sure ain’t singin it to you.’"

New jam, “L.O.V.E.” by Onra, one of my favorite artists out right now.  Been rocking the the repeat button since this came out yesterday.